XM Premium


XM Premium


XM Premium  is a distribution method that  allow you to select, before the start of the campaign, a list of Premium Websites according to your specific  target audience and to the communicative objectives of the campaign.


The OxaMedia Adnetwork is globally composed of several thousands of websites. If you select XM Premium, you can target your campaign by selecting each and every website.

You can select your Premium Website

  1. By Channel- Category and the related subcategories.
  2. By keywords- you type a keyword and the system will show which websites have content related to your keywords.
  3. By adding a list of websites- If you have a list of websites you wish to use, you can add your list. The system will show which websites on your list, are available in our Ad network.
  4. By domain extension, according to your target country: e.g.: .com, .net, .info, .it, .fr, .es, .co.uk, etc.
  5. By browser language. E.g.: if your target country is Italy, you will select the websites visited by users whose browser is in Italian.

Once the campaign is live online, the advertiser can update, at any time, their list, adding some websites or blocking those where the campaign has already been distributed. Our AdConneXa© Adserving technology optimizes the distribution of the websites according to CTR (Click Through Rate).

XM Premium: Main Benefits

  • The ability to select, from a list of websites, where you wish your advertising to run before starting the campaign and also while it is live online.
  • Reach the target audience by selecting the most appropriate Channels
  • Strongly recommended for Brand Awareness campaigns
  • Pricing models: PPC (Pay per Click) or CPM (Cost per mille- thousand)
  • Several targeting tools available (geo, browser, frequency capping, etc.)
  • Geo-targeting and User’s browser language
  • Total transparency of stats concerning the performances of the campaign for each website.
  • Optimization also through the activation / deactivation of the websites on which the campaign is distributed.