XM Mix Contextual

XM Mix Contextual


XM Mix-Contextual is the outcome of two delivery methods, operating at the same time: XM Contextual and XM Premium.


Choosing XM Mix-Contextual as a delivery method, you will have the opportunity to deliver your campaign on a selection of targeted websites (XM Premium), and at the same time on websites/web pages that deal with content related to the keywords you set up (XM Contextual). See XM Contextual and XM Premium sections for more information.
The ad campaign can therefore be distributed on a list of selected Premium websites, in order to reach a wide audience that visits web pages of content related to the keywords you select.

XM Mix-Contextual: Main Benefits

    • Possibility to reach a wide audience
    • Flexibility in the selection of the target audience
    • Pricing models: PPC (Pay per Click) or CPM (Cost per mille)
    • Geo-targeting and User’s browser language
    • Total transparency of statistics concerning the performances of the campaign for each website.
    • Optimization also through the activation / deactivation of the websites on which the campaign is distributed.

Once the campaign is live online, the advertiser can update, at any time, their list, adding some websites or blocking those where the campaign has already been distributed. Our AdConneXa© Adserving technology optimizes the distribution of the websites according to CTR (Click Through Rate).