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XM Contextual

XM Contextual


XM CONTEXTUAL is a targeting method that allows you to reach users who visit sites or web pages that have content related to the keywords you have selected, in accordance with the communicative objectives of the campaign.


All campaign statistics are available on our AdConneXa© Adserver. Stats show a list of websites where the banner ads were distributed. The advertiser can optimize the distribution at any time, by changing/adding/removing the keywords inserted, as well as disabling the websites that do not fit in the communicative objectives of the campaign.

XM Contextual: Main Benefits

  • Reach the target audience selecting the most appropriate keywords
  • Pricing models: PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPM (Cost Per Mille- thousand)
  • Geo-targeting and User’s browser language
  • List of websites (where the campaign was distributed) available on AdConneXa.
  • Total transparency of stats concerning the performances of the campaign for each website.
  • Optimization also through the activation / deactivation of the websites on which the campaign is distributed.