Targeted Campaigns

 Targeted Advertising

Targeted Advertising is a type of advertising which is based on the customer behavior on the internet. Oxamedia offers its customers the opportunity to display ads (gif or flash format) or in-banner video using behavioral targeting system. This is made possible by AdConneXa©, the OxaMedia Adserving that can organize and classify a multitude of complex data, such as the content of website pages, the profile of an internet user (eg: man, woman, child, etc.), his behavior while surfing the net and the ad contents the user is more sensitive to. The information collected are than processed and analyzed by our system, making it possible for us to reach the users that are really interested in the products and services promoted, in order to ensure the maximum visibility of the ad campaign.  All “targeting” systems use the information collected anonymously and, in accordance with the rules of good conduct, every consumer can do “opt-out”, as described in the Ad Choices section.