Real-Time Bidding

Real-Time Bidding

Real Time Bidding (RTB) allows display inventory to be purchased by an individual impression through a bidding system that unfolds in the milliseconds before a webpage is loaded by a consumer. The targeting and cost efficiency opportunities presented by RTB are making it a revolutionary force in the online advertising landscape.

Who benefits from the RTB system?
There are 2 prominent players:

A. The Advertiser
The Advertiser accesses the AdConneXa Advertiser’s Side Platform that automates the purchasing of online advertising on behalf of advertisers. Advertisers use AdConneXa Side Platform to set the buying parameters of their campaigns and to monitor campaign performance.

B. The Web Publisher
The publisher provides the Ad Inventory. Due to the competition of the advertisers to demand the Ad Units, the Web Publishers get higher revenues. AdConneXa provides Publishers with a direct access to the market to sell their Ad Inventory.

Where do the Advertisers and Web Publishers “meet”?

At the AdExchange
The Adconnexa AdExchange is really a software tool that connects advertisers and publishers, facilitating the purchase of display inventory in real-time through auctions that take place within 100 milliseconds before a page loads.