Publishers’ Guide

Publishers’ Guide

How it works

Create a Publisher account with OxaMedia Adserving

OxaMedia does not require an exclusive contract

to distribute ads on your website. If you open an account, you will be immediately credited with a $25.00 Welcome bonus.

Define ad zones

Select one or more banner sizes. OxaMedia manages different types of ad zones to distribute advertisers’ ads. These zones can be added to your websites. You can define different zones for every and each page of your website: this way you will have the ability to verify the perfomances of each page and each ad zone.

Apply OxaMedia tags

Once you have chosen the most suitable zones you can select the tags for the ad spaces. Just copy and paste the tag-code on the pages of your website(s).

Check the performances

Check the performance of ads distributed by OxaMedia thanks to an advanced real-time reporting system. A dedicated account manager will help you evaluate the results of your campaign, providing you with valuable information and recommendations on how to maximize revenue from your ad spaces.

Get paid

Issue your invoice on a regular monthly basis and get paid after 60 days for all ad spaces sold. OxaMedia assumes all risks related to customer insolvency and overdue payments.