Branded Management Console

Branded Management Console

In order to provide agencies with the opportunity to manage ad campaigns for its clients, OxaMedia developed Branded Management Console, an easy to use control panel based on AdConneXa© Adserving Technology.
Our Branded Management Console, available free of charge to all agencies, is customized with Agency logo and hosted on a dedicated domain created by OxaMedia.

Click here   for a preview of the customized login agency page called “Example Agency”.

To use the Branded Managment Console, the agency should open an account with AdConneXa© Adserver and then follow the instructions.

The Agency could therefore open accounts for their clients, create their campaigns and optimize them according to their ROI objectives.

Several targeting tools are available on AdconneXa©: pricing model (CPC or CPM), purchase and selling price, Distribution method (XM Premium, XM Contextual, XM Channel, XM Mix-Contextual, XM Mix-Channel, XM RON), several geo-targeting and capping tools.
If you wish to manage in-banner video campaigns, please contact our Support Team.
Thanks to real-time reports, it is possible for the advertiser to optimize campaigns even when the campaign is online; each parameter (pricing model, purchase price, distribution method) can be modified to optimize the performance of the campaign.

Benefits for Agencies

  • Branded Management Console customized with the Agency logo
  • Ability to manage the account of each advertiser, create and optimize their campaigns
  • No minimum daily budget for campaign required
  • Pricing model: PPC (Pay per Click) or CPM (Cost per mille)
  • Geotargeting and User’s browser language
  • Self-service Ad Platform
  • Real-Time Bidding system
  • Several distribution methods
  • Several Targeting & Capping options
  • Reports and detailed stats available
  • Oxamedia offers support to plan and manage agency campaigns