OxaMedia provides agencies with advanced media solutions in order to allow their clients to reach their target audience.

The creation, management, optimization and campaign tracking can be completely autonomous (using the dedicated Branded Management Console) or supported by one of our account manager.
OxaMedia staff can be also contacted with regard to the management of RichMedia in-banner video, which is distributed using the same delivery method used for gif and flash banners.
Thanks to AdConnexa© Adserver and to the several customized solutions we offer, every agency can increase the brand awareness of their clients, attract qualified users, increase the number of registered users and, therefore, optimize your advertising ROI.

Each campaign is distributed according to the language and the geolocation of the target audience, as well as according to the communicative objectives of the campaigns.
For each campaign , the Agency can choose among different distribution methods (XM Premium, XM-Contextual, XM Channel, XM Mix-Contextual, XM Mix-Channel and XM RON) as well as among several targeting tools.

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Benefits for Agencies
  • Branded Management Console customized with the Agency logo
  • Possibility to manage the account of each advertiser, create and optimize their campaigns
  • No minimum daily budget for campaign required
  • Pricing model: PPC (Pay per Click) or CPM (Cost per mille)
  • Geotargeting and User’s browser language
  • Self-service Ad Platform