Real-time stats

Unlike the traditional media promotions, online advertising provides verifiable real-time stats that measure the success of an ad campaign.

An innovative technology

OxaMedia stands out in the global market as it provides its clients with an innovative technology and an advanced RTB Adserving System, called AdConneXa©.

Complete set of tools

OxaMedia offers advertisers a complete set of tools suitable for achieving their communicative aims according to their ROI goal (Return on Investment): increase reach and/or brand awareness, boost sales or lead generation.

Several targeting methods

Advertisers have available to them several targeting methods to distribute their campaigns: XM Premium, XM Contextual, XM Channel, XM Re-Targeting, XM Mix-Contextual, XM Mix-Channel and XM RON (Run of Network).


No minimum daily budget required

RTB AdConneXa© Adserving

Pricing Model: PPC (Pay per Click) and CPM (Cost per One Thousand impressions)

Bidding system

Several distribution methods

Several Targeting & Capping Tools

OxaMedia Team Support

A dedicated account manager

Detailed stats (including the performances of each advertiser website)