Advertiser Management

Clients and campaigns management

Thanks to our AdConneXa© Adserving, an Agency can manage client campaigns independently or supported by the OxaMedia Team.
OxaMedia provides you with a free Branded Management Console, that is AdConneXa© Adserver (customized with Agency Logo) hosted on a dedicated domain.

Click here
for a preview of the customized login agency page called “Example Agency”.

Thanks to the Branded Management Console, the Agency, whether self-service or supported by OxaMedia Team, has the ability to:

  • Create an account for each client.
  • Provide clients with control panel access credentials, so that they can check the performances of the campaigns managed by the Agency.
  • Create and manage client campaigns.
  • Set pricing model, purchase and selling price for each campaign.
  • Use all targeting methods available.
  • Optimize every campaign according to client objectives.
  • See real-time performances for each client campaign (the agency client can view all reports, calculated on the basis on the selling price set by the Agency).
  • Ask for the assistance of OxaMedia Team, at your disposal for any need.