The AdConneXa Ad serving system is a technology and service that places advertisements on websites. OxaMedia provides Web Publishers with a console to manage their Ad Inventory and Advertisers a platform to control the ads serving, count them, choose the ads that will make the website or advertiser most money, and monitor progress of different advertising campaigns.


The AdConneXa Adserver is designed for all digital players:

  • Advertisers willing to manage their campaigns
  • Agencies managing their Advertisers’ digital campaigns
  • Web Publishers seeking  to monetize their Ad Inventory
  • Adnetworks which need a cutting-edge adserving technology to manage their direct Advertisers, Agencies and Web Publishers.


With AdConneXa Adserver Control Panel, all customers are able to:

  • Track the number of impressions and clicks delivered by each campaign
  • Target specific segments of visitors through for example geographical or behavioral targeting
  • Prevent campaigns from appearing on pages with semantically controversial content
  • Pull reports on advertisers or specific campaigns to see how the individual customers/campaigns are performing
  • Monitor the performance of each Ad unit