About Us



OxaMedia is an AdNetwork that, thanks to AdConneXa© Adserving and Real Time Bidding purchasing system, allows its customers to reach users that are really interested in the products and services advertised.

OxaMedia a complete planning&buying service, that allows advertisers to publish their ads through behavioural or contextual targeting systems and, at the same time, publishers can improve and increase their website performances.

Our goal is to provide our advertisers with the best return on their advertising investment through the delivery of quality and affordable Internet marketing services and our publishers with the highest return for their impressions (eCPM).

In order to better serve our customers, OxaMedia Corporation globally operates through its 2 operative offices, located in the United States of America(55 S.E. 2nd Avenue Delray Beach Florida 33444) and in Italy (Via Marconi 20 – Bussolengo Verona).

OxaMedia Srl , part of the group OxaMedia Corporation, is the Italian headquarters, which is also involved in the direct management of clients, agencies and media centers.